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Product Lifecycle

Software Development Methodology

Time-to-market pressures, rapidly changing consumer needs coupled with ever-changing technology and shorter release cycles have triggered the need to develop and release products faster. These, along with geographically distributed development centers and a wide spectrum of stakeholders, has made product development extremely complex.

To address these pressures, technology companies are gradually shifting their focus from plan driven development to business driven development for achieving tangible ROI. However they have realized that traditional software release cycles are not able maintain the momentum needed to keep up with rapid changes occurring in technologies and businesses.

Business driven product development requires close collaboration amongst different stakeholders and incremental product delivery based on end user feedback and is the primary driver for Agile methodology adoption.

Agile practices foster collaboration between business and IT which has proved better practice for software development than traditional waterfall methodology. Hence, more and more companies have started adopting agile development practices to easily adapt to changing circumstances.

Nutrix Tech Offering

Nutrix Tech has developed Pswift—an enhanced Agile methodology that combines Nutrix Tech’s core expertise in product development and industry best practices.

Pswift is a collection of software practices that facilitates end-to-end agile product development that spans right from product vision to delivery and sustenance. It is a one stop solution for everything you need to be agile, irrespective of your level of agile practice adoption. Nutrix Tech customers are leveraging Pswift on a fast track to deliver value to their business.

SwiftCoach: Nutrix Tech’s SwiftCoach is a unique Agile methodology consultation offering, especially for on-shore and off-shore engagement models, that enables organizations to successfully adapt agile methodologies within a global remote context. The engagement includes:

  • Understanding customer needs
  • Gap analysis for existing practices against agile practices
  • Training the customer’s team
  • Gradual implementation of agile practices and continuous follow-ups

Nutrix Tech Advantage

Nutrix Tech Systems hasa holistic approach towards agile software development and is adept at tapping into agile opportunities, understanding the challenges, and delivering the optimum solution.

  • Light weight agile processes—compliant with ISO 9000:2008 standard and CMMI L3
  • Right set of tools, technology, people, and processes with quality at the center
  • Well developed and exhaustive training course with an internal certification on Agile
  • 1500+ developers trained on Scrum and well conversant at adapting agile practices such as test-driven development, automation, continuous integration, refactoring, etc.
  • A vibrant Agile community to share knowledge and experience across the organization.